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Following 100-year cultural traditions, we are devoted to building an evergreen enterprise.

The Lakeview Hotel has inherited the great cultures of Pecking University. With primarily a modern outlook, the hotel has combined the profound cultures to the modern luxury business facilities. It devoted to establish a unique platform for cultural exchanges.

Main tone of the hotel - gray, yellow and rust red Linghu Pool The Lobby Ceiling

As a new commercial building in Peking University, the hotel’s main tone of gray and yellow means “brilliance” and highlights its high-quality and high brows in low key. Rust red is “Peking University Red”, which demonstrates the vigor of Lakeview’s employees and the warm colors also make the guests feel “at home”.

The Linghu Pool at the center of the hotel is the microcosm of the Weiming Lake of Peking University. It is just like an ink stone, and the decorated pen-shaped glass chandeliers over it are the magic pens as an incarnation of Boya Pagoda, meaning that the hotel is writing a brilliant present time and future. The roll-tailed stone fish in Linghu Pool is spraying water from its mouth, signifying the eternity and prosperity of the hotel.

The lobby ceiling is made up of 532 aluminum square tubes of different shapes, just like the rolling water in the Weiming Lake, making guests first entering the hotel feel on a lakeside.

Decorative Paintings Da Xue Tang The Dean’s Wall

The decorative paintings in various styles hanging in the Hotel's public areas and rooms are all closely linked with the culture of Peking University. The rich cultural elements of Peking University make Yanyuan students feel at home and have also attracted visitors from different parts of the world.

Peking University, formerly known as Da Xue Tang of Peking, is a top-notched education institution in China. The antique plaque of Da Xue Tang hanging at the courtyard of the hotel is reproduced based on the existing plaque at the Imperial College at the proportion of 1:1. The remaining bell at the Da Xue Tang of Peking also shows a century of vicissitudes of Peking University.

The Dean’s Wall in Peking University was born out of the Great Wall, symbolizing the eternal will and strength of the Chinese nation and the everlasting spirit of Peking University.

The Lakeview Hotel is located in the core area of Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park known as the “Silicon Valley of Asia”, neighboring Peking University, the Weiming Lake and the Boya Pagoda, with Tsinghua University, Yuquan Mountain, the Summer Palace and Yuanmingyuan (Garden of Perfect Splendor) in the east, the Northwest 4th Ring Road in the south, the Olympic Village and the No. 4 Metro line, enjoying convenient transportation conditions and easily accessible from all directions.

The hotel covers a total floor area of more than 40,000m2, 336 deluxe rooms and an independent executive business floor. In the rooms, the most up-to-date technology is used to draw geothermal hot spring 3,000 meters from under the ground to create a delicious feeling of comfort. It is equipped with the elegant Western Restaurant, banquet halls, meeting rooms, the Grill Room, the Lobby Bar, the Health Center (with a 25х7.5m indoor heated swimming pool), the multi-functional SPA and the 6,000 m2 king-size courtyard garden; the business meeting area that can receive various meetings, the Boya 1898 service area with profound civilization and the gym, billiard room, table tennis room and other recreational facilities, allowing every guest experience unique business experience.

The favorable location has created the hotel's unique historical and cultural characteristics. It shoulders the sacred mission of international exchange and provides an important platform for exchanges among scholar merchants and elites from around the world. It is its mission and ideal to bring together “scholar merchants and elites” from around the world.

Since April 1, 2012, the Lakeview Hotel has been officially entrusted to JinJiang (Northern) Management Co., Ltd. for management. Jinjiang International Hotel Management Co., Ltd. is the largest professional hotel management company in China devoted to perfect hotel management businesses. “Jinjiang Hotel” has 1,767 hotels and a total of over 2,580 million rooms/suites in nearly 310 cities in 31 provinces (autonomous regions) and ranks the 9th in the world's top hotel groups. Jinjiang’s professional management team has rich experience and Jinjiang is a well-known brand. The company boasts an advanced reservation system and sound management policy procedures and systems. The entrustment of management of the hotel to Jinjiang Group signifies that the hotel will continue to improve the quality of services to allow guests to experience a more perfect stay.

Convenient transport:

1. 33.1 km away from Beijing Capital International Airport

2. 21.3 km away from Beijing Railway Station

3. 21.5 km away from Beijing South Railway Station

The Lakeview Hotel offers exclusive VIP car service, please make reservation in advance.

West Gate of Pecking University Weiming Lake Boya Pagoda
Pecking University Library Administrative Building of Pecking University West Gate Bridge of Pecking University
Centennial Lecture Hall of Pecking University Lang Run Garden Southern & Northern Pavilion
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