• Health Center
  • Swimming Pool
  • SPA
  • Fitness Center
  • Billiard Room
  • Table Tennis Room
  • Chess and Card Room

Elegant, Relaxing with a Taste of Nature

The 1400 ㎡Health & Sports Center boasts a complete set of facilities including SPA, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Table Tennis Room, Shopping Center, Hairdressing Center, Recreation Center, etc. In particular, you can receive comprehensive health enhancing care by having a SPA in combination with the healthcare essence of the Traditional Chinese Medicine in the SPA Center where water is directly taken from the underground geothermal source.

Location: B1 floor

Opening Hours: 06:30-23:00

Inquiry and reservation:(8610)82689999-3008

A large indoor heated swimming pool and professional personal service allow you to feel unbounded joy and passion brought by exercise in a free space!

The multifunctional SPA facility takes water directly from 3,000 meter underground geothermal source. SPA is a relaxing and enjoyable process, and the multifunctional SPA facility inherits the healthcare essence of the traditional Chinese medicine and incorporates modern physical therapy. Relying on the professional service team, you can receive comprehensive health enhancing care and wake up your zest for life!

Here, you can shake off sadness and annoyance and express wholeheartedly with strength the true self and save the most massive power for tomorrow's success and glory.

A full set of standard equipment will help you as a billiard fan to show your skills.

Please make reservations in advance!

In the charming light, keep concentrated and calm, express yourselves, sway force, come and go freely in success and honor.

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The charm of chess is irresistible, so how can we let you down? We offer a quiet and private space for you, allowing you to fully enjoy a relaxing congenial atmosphere and enjoy the happy time with your friends in the Chess and Card Room.

Please make reservations in advance!